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Soldier of Fortune 2 - Double Helix Gib Gallery
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Sup, I'm Aaron and this is my SOF2 Gib Gallery. For those of you who arent familiar with games like Unreal Tournament, Quake, Half Life, or this, Soldier of Fortune; gibs are peices of bone and flesh when characters come apart or explode when you hit them with a powerful weapon in the game. I have been playing FPS (First Person Shooters) {games where YOU are looking through the CHARACTERS eyes with your weapon at your side} for a long time, and this game has by far the best gib engine EVER! As you can tell so far how sick and twisted i am, it is my pleasure to bring you screenshots taken from SOF2 to show what the developers really took their time on perfecting the game to get as close to real life as possible. These arent real gameplay screens what the game is mostly about, but this is the real one feature that the first Soldier of Fortune brought to my attention. Please use the menu above for browsing the galleries and ENJOY!